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Fintech supported by Techstars, which provides banks, insurers and financial companies with a white-label solution ensuring personalised customer service in remote channels.
E-commerce & loyalty programsOpen BankingData analysis
Manufacturer of interactive mirrors used as an interactive medium. The company designs its own mirror applications providing customers with a unique message. Abyss Glass products are designed for a variety of industries and sectors, including retail and creative marketing. They are used to display advertisements, videos and allow you to interact with the recipient.
Marketing and Advertising
An engine for advanced message analysis for customer service departments (e.g. e-mails, online forms) in the financial and insurance industry. Uses advanced natural language processing (NLP), streamlining customer service work within existing systems in the organisation.
InsuranceCustomer serviceData analysis
Investment portfolio optimisation platform using AI. Uses complex investment strategies and advanced predictive methods. Combined with optimisation algorithms, they help achieve very good investment results.
Savings & investments
Creates own solutions for fintechs (including risk assessment, anti-fraud, blockchain) and tools for marketing based on machine learning (e.g. marketing automation, programmatic, lead qualification).
E-commerce & loyalty programsOptimisation of internal processesData analysis
It revolutionises the way companies use AI to automate processes that require text comprehension. Thanks to proprietary technology, the Applica solution is tested in new applications based on several examples. They are used by banks, media companies and law firms.
Optimisation of internal processes
A platform for authorising documents and concluding contracts online. Thanks to Autenti, documents may be signed electronically through a computer, tablet or smartphone at any place and time. It works in accordance with both European and national regulations.
Savings & investmentsCustomer serviceOptimisation of internal processes
The first fully digital credit platform in Poland. Thanks to it, clients can get access to real and current offers of many banks and loan companies. The process of choosing an offer and concluding a loan agreement is simple and quick - it takes up to 15 minutes.
Loans and financing
It helps financial institutions and fintechs efficiently integrate their solutions with a wide range of European banking APIs. With banqUP, you can e.g. verify the customer or aggregate sources of financial data. The company is working on a TPP-as-a-service solution.
Internet bankingOpen BankingData analysis
The first and largest Polish equity crowdfunding platform, founded in 2012. In recent years, it has been growing at a rate of 100 percent annually. 61 projects have been carried out on the platform for a total amount of PLN 33.9 million, collected with the participation of over 29,000 registered investors.
Loans and financingMarketing and AdvertisingLegal services